Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ten Promises To Myself As A Writer

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs (that contains a wealth of tips, tricks and advice on writing from a soon-to-be published author!) and I thought a personalized list of my own would make a great first post for my new blog! Make sure you stop by and visit Ava Jae, the originator of this idea here:

So here they are, my ten promises to myself as a writer:

1.   I will call myself a writer with confidence and I will not downplay my work when speaking of it to my non-writer friends and family.

2.   I will consider my writing a job, despite the fact that I have to work outside of the home to provide for my family. For now.

3.   I will be helpful to other writers by being a constructive part of the writer's groups/communities that I am a part of.

4.   I will accept all feedback in a positive manner, good or bad; and I will appreciate the time another writer took away from his or her own writing to offer it to me whether I decide to apply it to my work or not.

5.   I will allow myself a break away from my writing to spend time living life, and I won't stress out about it.

6.   I will stop feeling guilty when I say no to an invitation from friends or family because I'd rather be home writing.

7.   I will make an extra effort to take care of my health while I'm writing, and won't skip meals or put off breaks to finish "one more chapter".

8.   I will be proud of the passion and excitement that shines through on my face and in my voice when I talk to others about my novels.

9.   I will be my own worst critic, because being blind to my faults and weaknesses as a writer won't help me at all.

10. I will look at the query process as a numbers game, and instead of letting rejection bring me down I will think of each "no" as taking me one step closer to a "yes".

If you haven't made any promises to yourself as a writer, go for it now! And be sure to give a shout out to Ava Jae for the idea!